Suzanna Mayer

Strategic Planner // VMLY&R

I grew up in a home where debating is akin to an art. My parents met in army intelligence, now they're both lawyers. Arguing a point of view required a lot of reason; answering and asking why was always encouraged, and becoming a lawyer was a firm no.


Strategic reasoning is what I grew up on, I just didn't know it had a name until now. This insanely fun way of viewing the world and people is now my career.



Me, in Iceland!

Fast Facts

me in a nutshell

🏖Grew up in Miami, FL 

moved to Atlanta when I was 12 and boy was there a culture shock 

🧠Studied Neuroscience in Undergrad

with a Studio Art Minor at Washington & Lee University (in VA)

I breathe Disney 

I am a total nerd about it, I've been to Disney World over 20 times & am constantly inspired by the wonder they seamlessly evoke

🏕I've gone 2 weeks without showering

while camping along the Appalachian Trail in NC & VA - talk about real grit

🌳I have this thing with trees

I love hiking under them, photographing them & even reading about them

🎼Just started piano lessons in 2017

I always wanted to learn so I figured why not now?

You should hear my "Jingle Bells" 

🌏 I love to travel

but don't have many stamps in my passport... here are some places at the top of my list:

Tasmania, Patagonia, Antarctica, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Norway, Japan & Egypt

🐕Won Top Dog

while at Miami Ad School; voted on by various teachers, as the student who showed the most passion and talent 

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