Christopher Wolfe Crusade (CWC)


What is CWC?

Christopher Wolfe Crusade (CWC) is a non-profit organization started by Cammie Wolfe Rice. Cammie started CWC in honor of her son, Christopher, who passed at only 34. Christopher struggled with an opioid addiction throughout most of his life. He had Ulcerative Colitis, for which he underwent many surgeries. To manage the pain after surgery Christopher was prescribed opioids, to which he became addicted.


CWC is determined to provide clear and accurate information and create a community for those in need or who want to help. Two things Cammie felt were lacking for herself and her son. 

The Ask.

Create a consumer-facing awareness campaign for CWC and its mission: to help fight the opioid epidemic and save lives. 

The Background.

No one group is untouched by the opioid crisis in America. Opioids are a type of drug that decreases the perception of pain. There are two ways to obtain them: legally, through the healthcare system, and illegally. An estimated 2.4 million people abuse prescription painkillers and another half a million abuse heroin (an opioid). Since pain was deemed the 5th vital sign, a measurement of well-being, in the 1990s, opioid use, and ensuing addiction have skyrocketed. 

Today, Americans are more likely to die from an opioid overdose than a car accident.

The Target.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ - All Americans (ages 15-34)

Youth (15-24) and Young Adults (25-34) are increasingly affected by the epidemic. In 2016, 12.4% of all deaths among Youths and 20% of all deaths among Young Adults involved opioids. These age groups are experiencing vast changes in life from puberty to job hunting. They are expected to be responsible and make decisions while sometimes still required to ask to use the restroom. According to a national survey, they feel powerless, unable to control their lives, and anxious about their futures. On top of all this, they experience emotions more intensely because it's their first time feeling them. Heartbreak really does feel like the end of the world.



πŸ€• - Currently Affected Individuals (Secondary Audience)

More commonly referred to as addicts, they are roughly 3 million Americans not reached soon enough. Regardless of their path to addiction, they share the frustration and pain associated with it. Often feeling angry, desperate, guilty, and disconnected, they struggle to find the energy and grit required to fight the grasp of addiction.

The Insight.


People are not addicted to the high opioids give them but rather the ability to avoid the low – 

the low of both physical and emotional pain. 

The Strategy.

Remind individuals to find what centers them in their world so that when things get tough, they'll know where to turn so they don't feel less than alive. 

The Creative.

Choose to Feel

We all have something that makes us feel like ourselves. It can be anything; passion for a sport, dedication to a job, or spending time with a loved one. These things help keep us tethered to the world around us. Our tethers remind us of who we are and where we're going. So when opioids are in the mix, it is more important than ever to hold on tight to your tethers. Embrace them. Lean into them.

We’re creating a movement by immersing people in a sensory experience. Words, facts, and statistics can be confusing and misinterpreted. Emotions and feelings are not. By creating a place that invokes emotion through senses and experience, understanding can be achieved.

* Experiential activation located on the Beltline @ Common Ground between New Realm and Two Urban Licks.*


Coping Mechanisms:

Unsettling Experience:

VR tightrope walk 

Fun Experience:

Emotional Baggage

& #MOODSWING journal

(a place to express all emotions good & bad)

The Comfort Zone:

Warm and comfortable nothing bad will happen here but nothing exciting or fun will happen either

The chairs are specially designed to be comfortable and bleak. They are meant to silo the individuals, cutting them off from the others in the room, further disconnecting the individual

Swing Room

Music Room 

make a playlist

Foggy, Dark Room

Twinkly lights Room

VR Haunted House

Lavender Room (Calming) 

The RFID bracelets allow participants paths to be tracked. Information regarding different coping skills, playlists they create, and pictures can be sent to individuals after the experience. Furthermore, participants phones numbers, Instagram handles, and emails can be recorded and used to tag photos and continually educate. 


OOH & Social Media

A local muralist will paint two murals (one on the Beltline and other at the Battery) to drive people to the MOODSWINGATL's social pages.


Timelapses of the artist painting will live on social media, in addition to other sneak peeks of the experience.


The mural's contents will be up to the artist's interpretation but hint at the layout of the experience through color.

The beauty of this activation is that it can be adapted and changed from location to location. Additionally, there is potential for celebrities and brands get involved and sponsor different rooms. 





Emotions are the purest form of communication - if you can evoke emotion in someone you've translated more than what thousands of words can.


Emotions tell stories better than anything else can, they are what give life purpose.

ROLE: Strategist



Shelby Guerrero - CW

Mark Hyde - AD

Alex Sozma - AD

Alex Vazquez - AD

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