Ocean Spray Cooperative


The Ask.

Develop a multi-channel marketing campaign that drives relevancy of the Ocean Spray brand for millennials (ages 24-34) across both food and beverage categories for both a 5MM and 10MM campaign.

The Background.

Ocean Spray, founded in 1930, is a cooperative of over 700 families committed to the integrity and variety of the products they harvest. The brand loves its family-owned history, yet many consumers are unaware of this fact. Nationally, Ocean Spray gains traction only during the holiday season. Over 90% of the 172 millennials surveyed associated Ocean Spray with cranberries. However, the brand sells more than just cranberry sauce and juice. They sell a variety of different energy drinks, juices, and juice blends in addition to food products like craisins, cranberry sauce, and fruit clusters. Competitive brands, including Tropicana and Nature Valley, position themselves as high-energy and the go-to for a quick morning option. Other indirect competitors, like La Croix and Kombucha brands, position themselves as trendy and healthy, guilt-free options. Ocean Spray is none of these things.

So what can it be to millennials?

The Target.

🧕🏼👨🏼‍🦱🧑🏾👨🏻👩🏿‍🦱👩🏼‍🦰- Millennials (ages 24-34)

A national survey found that millennials feel lonely more than any other generation; oftentimes, only putting their phones away to eat and shower. They are busy with work and feel disconnected from the world around them, despite their constant use of connected technology. Millennials feel obligated to broadcast an online presence that exudes confidence they do not have. In addition, many entered the workforce in 2008, at the height of the Financial Crisis, leaving millennials with a sense of uncertainty and lack of trust. Despite all this, they view experiences as a key to bonding with others. They want close, genuine relationships.


Consumer Journey:



Introduction to the brand and its products -

Social, OOH, & Audio


Thinking about making a purchase with the brand - Social & OOH


Actively choosing the brand and its products -

Print, TV, Social,

In-store & Audio


Loyalty to the brand and its products - Social


Sharing the brand and its products with friends & Family  - Social

The Insight.


Millennials crave the type of genuine connection and relationship that allows you to let your walls down and be yourself, brilliant flaws and all. The kind of bond where meeting for drinks or dinner turns into talking for hours. 


Ocean Sprays products are often there during these moments. Whether with the family over Thanksgiving cranberry sauce, an afterschool snack with your kiddo, or a cranberry vodka with the girls, Ocean Spray is around when we build and strengthen our connections. 

The Strategy.

Ocean Spray feeds human connections.

“Communication is merely an exchange of information, but connection is an exchange of our humanity.” 

- Sean Stephenson

The Creative.

Better Open

Demonstrate the role Ocean Spray plays in preserving human connections, its products allow one to open up with friends and family. Ocean Spray lends itself to the universal truth that some things are better open—open eyes, open books, open minds, open hearts, and of course open Ocean Spray products. 

Best Plans Book - District 3 - 2018

ROLE: Strategy & New Business 



Katherine W. - CEO

Allie - Project Manager

Erin - Advisor

Ben - Advisor

William - Advisor

Elizabeth - Advisor

Liza - Strategy

Sam - Strategy

Jenna - Strategy

Julia K. - Strategy

Cooper - Analytics

Maddie - Analytics

Joe - Analytics

Julia U. - New Business

Hayley - AD

Elora - AD

Liz - CW

Virginia - CW

Mary Helen - AD

Ransom - AD

Anna - Media

Andrew - Media

Sidney - Media

Katherine D. - Media

Claire - Media

Daisy - Media

Marta - Media

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